maandag 5 december 2016

My Iphone won't charge!


  •  Plug in your Iphone to your USB port of your computer
  •  Restart your computer, your iPhone should boot up 
  • If not start Itunes, your iPhone should boot up 
  • If not read on further and check out the links


So your iPhone battery went dead and it drained completely. No Big deal you say to yourself i've got my trusty charger. *plug* jup, iphone is connected the red battery is on the screen and the connector in the bottom of the screen is gone indicating that the phone recognized the charger. Then you wait... and you wait some more. This is strange you say to yourself and if you are an engineer the googling begins...

I started with this article from David Payette:

Looks like solid information but no luck so far me. Hard reset? no

Then this one OSX daily:

Different chargers? no luck 

Then I remembered coming across an article mentioning restarting your computer with the iphone connected. And Yes it worked!

Some time later it happened and starting iTunes helped booting up the iPhone after it went completely dead.

I tried this on a iPhone 5s, an iPhone 6s and an iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s

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