maandag 15 april 2019

Iphone 6s battery problems

So I bought an iPhone 6s back in October 2015 and it has been serving me well for more than 3 years. Performance wise it is still excellent even by 2019 standards. The main thing troubling me was battery performance, battery life and lifespan. So I back in 2016 in noticed my phone would start to randomly shut down even though it indicated plenty of charge percentage wise. 20%? 30% 34%? it didn't matter, it would randomly shut down. The reverse was frustratingly also true, 1% charge and... nothing happened, you could happily watch another half hour of video without having it shut down.
Fast forward to december 2016 and Apple had a recall program for my model 6s. Great! (see ifixit for a great overview of all the battery issues). And I started 2017 with a fresh battery and all was great.

Until 2019 and the shutdowns, the unreliability and the frustration started again. The new battery health tool indicated 82%. this was not what I was experiencing phone life was not down from 15h to 12h a day it was a matter of hours. I would open up my phone only to see up to 20% of the battery capacity be blasted off in one moment. I would charge the phone up to 3 times a day. Needless to say I replaced my battery again. So let's see what happens, I should be good till 2021.


2015-10: new iPhone 6s
2017-01: 1st battery replacement
2019-04: 2nd battery replacement (82% lifespan)

maandag 5 december 2016

My Iphone won't charge!


  •  Plug in your Iphone to your USB port of your computer
  •  Restart your computer, your iPhone should boot up 
  • If not start Itunes, your iPhone should boot up 
  • If not read on further and check out the links


So your iPhone battery went dead and it drained completely. No Big deal you say to yourself i've got my trusty charger. *plug* jup, iphone is connected the red battery is on the screen and the connector in the bottom of the screen is gone indicating that the phone recognized the charger. Then you wait... and you wait some more. This is strange you say to yourself and if you are an engineer the googling begins...

I started with this article from David Payette:

Looks like solid information but no luck so far me. Hard reset? no

Then this one OSX daily:

Different chargers? no luck 

Then I remembered coming across an article mentioning restarting your computer with the iphone connected. And Yes it worked!

Some time later it happened and starting iTunes helped booting up the iPhone after it went completely dead.

I tried this on a iPhone 5s, an iPhone 6s and an iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s

vrijdag 8 juli 2016

Tegellijm van betonvloer verwijderen

Bij de renovatie van de keuken moest ook de oude tegelvloer verwijderd worden. De tegels zelf waren geen probleem, een beitel en een hamer en ze kwamen zo los. Wat ze achterlieten was een ander verhaal. De tegels lieten 8 m2 vol tegellijm achter met van die mooie kamstrepen. Aangezien de ondergrond egaal moest zijn voor de nieuwe vloer zat er niets anders op dan de tegellijm eruit bikken.

Poging 1: 

oude platte schroeven draaier en hamer
kosten: *
effectivieit: *
ok de tegellijm vliegt er nou niet bepaald af en 8 m2 is toch wel heel veel als je zo'n ministukje per keer eraf haalt. .

Poging 2:

Pneumatisch boor op beitel stand
kosten: **
effectiviteit: **
heel lastig om hiermee egaal alle lijm weg te krijgen

Poging 3: 

Brede handbeitel en zware hamer
kosten: **
effectivieit: ***
Dit ging al beter, er komen daadwerkelijk stukjes lijm af. Helaas werkt dit alleen als je mooie riggeltjes tegellijm hebt. Zo gauw je op een massief stuk tegellijm komt schiet je beitel eroverheen. Het effect? de vloer is niet echt egaal te noemen

Poging 4:

Beton schuurmachine
kosten: ***+**
effecitiviteit: *****
Wat een topding, deze machine ziet eruit als een haakse slijper, maar dan met tand aan de platte zijde van de schijf. Hiermee schuur je gewoon de volledige lijmlaag weg top op het beton. Het nadeel? Stof, heel veel stof. Dus naast het huren van dit apparaat ben je ook nog de kosten kwijt voor het huren van een bouw stofzuiger. Deze heb je echt nodig, er komt zo'n berg stof bij vrij als je dat met je huis tuin en keuken apparaat doet is die binnen de kortste keren overleden (ervaring).

Andere optie:
- Egaline smeren en een nieuwe toplaag creeeren

dinsdag 29 maart 2016

Thoughts on iOS, Android and Windows phone

I am happily using the iOS devices for the past years. I stepped in when the iPhone 4 came and so far nothing has given me a reason to step out of the iOS ecosystem. I have an android tablet (Asus TF300) and that was quite underwhelming experience.

Back when i bought it the quad-core nVidia Tegra 3 chip looked great on paper and in the benchmarks, but actual performance in day to day usage was just nuisance. It was sluggish, things would take forever to load and simple things like browsing and typing in a web-page would be a chore as the tablet would hack and cough its way through the ordeal. I still have the tablet and use it occasionally, but my expectations of the experience are already quite low. To be fair after 3 years my iPhone 4 was also lagging like crazy, but the android tablet did this out of the box.

I have never owned a modern Windows mobile phone, I owned a HTC s710e back in the day, it had windows mobile 6.0. The experience frustrated me so much, it was bad at everything it was supposed to do. It was a horrible as a phone, seriously you could not pick up calls or call anyone without the OS glitching in some way. It was horrible at being a PDA, you could not get alarms to function correctly without tweaking the registry. It was hugely underpowered in CPU and RAM and would freeze up constantly. The thing is I wanted to love this phone so bad because I liked the form factor and the functionality, when it actually worked. I ended overclocking the phone and bricking it within 9 months of purchase. Thoroughly cured of my desire for smartphones I got a samsung G600 and what a relief. It just worked ;)

A few of my colleagues have Windows phone devices and to my surprise I find it quite appealing. All transitions are smooth and slick. The always on screen with time display is a nice touch. The tiles look orderly. So I wonder will it ever entice me to go back?

maandag 21 december 2015

Samsung 850 EVO SSD Windows 10 flickering redraw issue

So I got myself a brand new SSD to upgrade my ASUS x750 Laptop. I cloned the HDD using the samsung Data Migration App, all fine and dandy.

Asus x750 headaches

Unfortunatly this laptop is the most impractical laptop to upgrade I have ever seen. After removing all the bottom screws, it actually opens from the top and practically nothing is accessible without removing 40+ screws and disconnecting every cable to the motherboard. And then removing the motherboard. Check youtube for a detailed opening video, you need it. Then when finally the SSD is fully seated and the other HDD plugged in the secondary HDD slot. The ordeal is over right? No, it never is that easy...

Loading from the SSD the first

Restructered the boot options in the Bios, SSD shows up, yes, check

so far so good

user logon, check yes enter credentials, logging in here we go...

hmmm why is my screen constantly redrawing? arg it keeps flickering. what is up with windows 10!

rebooted from the HDD, all is well. So that rules out any other hardware issue, it must be the ssd...

After a long fruitless internet search decided to clone the disk again and this time first disable the HDD in the Bios, and what do you know it started with no flickering. Restarted and enabled the disk again and... no flickering! I am a genius.


- Clone disk
- Make sure SSD is the only visible disk for the laptop
- Boot up from SSD
- Enable/mount old HDD
- Enjoy high speed OS on SSD steroids

(As far as I could deduce the flickering issue came from loading up both the original HDD and cloned SSD. The old HDD got the adress C:\ and SSD something like H:\, then some conflict with the user information data (C:\users) caused the information to redrawn constantly on screen. This was impossible to change easily in the current configuration so I had to reclone the disk afresh)

zondag 16 augustus 2015

Upgrading to windows 10 from 8.1 on an Asus R750 and X750


So I installed Windows 10 on my Asus R750/X750 after cautiously waiting a few weeks and keeping an eye out for bad experiences from other users. This Saturday I decided to take the plunge and click "upgrade" and my laptop did not explode... yet.

The Upgrade

Starting the upgrade from windows 8.1 to windows 10 was a pain-free experience. The update wizzard was quite brief and seemed to know what it was doing. I don't exactly know how long it took as it ran overnight and in the morning I had a nice Windows 10 login screen to greet me. So far so good.

Then I noticed something strange, the touch pad was not working. Apparetly this has got something to do with the Asus Smart Gesture application and the "Elan Touchpad driver" that windows update automatically installs. Check out this link for the solution that worked for me:
 After following the steps and rebooting a couple of times, Win 10 plays nice with my touchpad is ready to go.

The first impression 

My first impression of Windows 10 is generally positive. All my apps from windows 8.1 got transferred well, my files are where I left them and even my Desktop is just as clutery as I left it. It felt a bit like repainting the house, it feels new but the stuff shows you it is the same place.

Small irritations popped up with dealing with the settings as they are still in two places, the control panel and the "settings". At least it is not as hidden as in windows 8 but still, why?

Another irritation is that the touchpad does not play nice with all windows 10 features. Take the new Edge browser, two finger scrolling? no that's not allowed, oh well, back to FireFox.

All in all I think Win 10 is step in the right direction, but I would'nt be surprised by a Win 10.1 in a few months...

donderdag 29 mei 2014

Materiaalkune 1 on OCW Delft lesson 2

Materiaalkunde 1 on OCW Delft lesson 2 

In this lesson I learned more on the properties of materials. One specific property that stood out for me was Dielectric strength. Other topics were the classification of materials in families and counting with logarithms. 

Material properties 

As mentioned dielectric strength stood out for me as it is a property to which I don't have an intuitive grasp. The guy in the lecture defined it as follows: 
"The dielectric strength of a material is a measure of how much a material will interact with electromagnetic waves"
And he had this picture on. But what does it mean?! So the radar sphere has a low dielectric response and the ships beam has a high response thereby making it visible on the radar? I think so, so basically high dielectric response indicates that a material will interact with electro magenetic waves, like the definition said... right
uh.. what?
To grasp this subject I first tried Khan academy which has a really good lesson on this. Other websites that were helpfull to me were:
 and this websites has some interesting information on dielectricity:

σ/(ωε’)Current conductionField propagation
0perfect dielectric
lossless medium
≪ 1low-conductivity material
poor conductor
low-loss medium
good dielectric
≈ 1lossy conducting materiallossy propagation medium
≫ 1high-conductivity material
good conductor
high-loss medium
poor dielectric
perfect conductor

This is already very helpfull in my day to day work. Getting a more intuitive grasp of dielectrics also gave me a better grasp of capacitance. A dieelectric is an intergral part of a capacitor. As a dielectric material increases the capacitance rating of a conductor. 

Classification of materials 

A helpfull and quite intuitive section of this lesson was the classification of materials. Basically it helps me group materials by family. For this classification to be really helpfull it would be good to know what the basic properties of each material family is.