zaterdag 18 februari 2012

Silencing the Smoby “Be Fun” push trike

In my first post on the Smoby Be Fun Trike I wrote that it is generally a good bargain priced tricycle with a handy push rod. The drawback however was that it was seriously noisy. In my second post I did some good ol’ problem analysis and thought of some ways to solve it. So in this final installment, my solution.

First on what do you need:

  • Smoby Be Fun Trike
  • An (old) inner tube of a bicycle tyre.
  • Scissors
  • Ducktape

Seriously that’s all

Noise solution smoby be fun trike 1

So what we are going to do is tape the bicycle tire tube to the wheels of the trike.  You start with measuring the circumference of the 3 wheels and cut the old bicycle tyre in according length. Then tape the pieces of tire tube to wheels using your trusty duck tape and there you have it a whopping 15 db noise reduction (remember that every 3 db the sound level is doubled).

There you have it, a simple solution to an annoying problem and one that can be done in 30 minutes with your basic household inventory. Enjoy!

Note: The picture shows my first solution using only ducktape. This worked for a while but after a few weeks of driving, the tape lost its dampening power. So I decided to add the tube for higher durability and increased noise reduction

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